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How Do I Increase the Engagement Rate on My Emails?

The topic of email marketing can be viewed as a touchy and oftentimes sensitive subject to many people.

It's something that millions upon millions of people do every single day, and for some reason, there is always an air of negativity attached to it. When we think about somebody who manages or runs an email marketing campaign we tend to think that they're just pushing their product on us all the time and trying to convince us why we should buy from them instead of anybody else. That thought has existed for years now and no matter how hard marketers try they cannot seem to get away from it.

So what can you do?

Well, creating engaging emails is one thing you can focus your attention on if you have a higher engagement rate than whatever your current average is, you will have a better chance of having your emails opened and read by the people receiving them.

There are many different tactics you can employ to do this, however not all of them will ensure that people act on your message.

One way is to begin by writing more about why your product or service is great instead of focusing heavily on what it does.

If you spend too much time talking about the mechanics of the product itself and how it works you run the risk of losing their interest. Instead, look at giving them a peek behind the curtain, let them know what benefits they get from using it or why they would be making a great choice in doing business with you over somebody else.

Another thing you can do is be as personable as possible.

Pretend like the email is being sent from a real person to another, not from Company A to Customer B. This shows your readers that you have empathy for them and you're thinking about them first before anything else because if they were just a number then it wouldn't really matter how good of a message was written, would it?

And finally, the last way you can increase engagement is by writing in order to elicit an emotional response from your readers. Again, focus on what it would be like if someone was talking to them instead of just pushing their product at them for hours and days on end.

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or the head of marketing for a large corporation, email marketing can be daunting and confusing. With so many rules and regulations to follow it often feels like we're fighting against an uphill battle that we'll never win. The negativity around email marketing is something that has been going on for years now and no matter how hard marketers try they cannot seem to get away from it. It's time to change your outlook - let's have a quick 15-minute video call today! Let me walk you step by step through what I think are some of the best ways out there right now in terms of driving sales with emails as well as approaching these campaigns strategically without feeling overwhelmed or defeated before.

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